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So as you know, Tap4"Fun" games offers ingame curency with a price. In this case what i lost 1000 credits (which i know in the long run is not much but still) were devoured when i attempted to complete my daily check list , in this case "Check newest event" which involved looking at a Thanos chip.

After looking at the event, i went to do something and when tapping the screen for the phone not to lock (i have to mention i haven t pressed on any of the buttons but on a random location where i thought i would not do something ***), and ate my credits.

I have sent a mail to Tap4Cash instantly and their reply is this (i apologise for the phone text mistakes) :

"When did this happen?: credits taken when i tapped thanos pgoto in event

Detailed description of the error message: i wanted to check the event and tapped on the photo of thsnos to see details and it took my credits.. did not want to spend credits on it.. give thek back"

A: Thanks for your kind waiting. I'd like to tell you that, according to the rules of the event, players have additional chance to get the Thanos DNA Chip or other valuable items. It means that players randomly get the DNA chip or other items. Here is a possibility here. In order to provide a relatively fair game environment, I'm sorry that we could not deliver the used credits back. Expect and appreciate your understanding on this issue. Enjoy a nice day!"

I do not know how taking the items back and giving my currency back would be unfair seeing how this happened due to a buggy interface within the event.

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